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First Choice Chiropractic | Auto Accident Client Testimonial

When I first came to Dr. Tepper, it was because of an Auto Accident & the pain caused by the jarring effect & airbag. He treated my neck, lower back, upper back, knee, and hip. I refer to the Dr. as “Magic Fingers” because with the pressure of his fingers he works the muscles, which in return promotes healing. His way of treating me along with physical therapy has done wonders and has added a wonderful level of relief to my recover.

I also would like to mention that he has a wonderful staff of two who are extremely pleasant, helpful, and professional! I would “HIGHLY” recommend Dr. Tepper for your Chiropractic needs!!

“Happy Road to Recovery”

Very Sincerely,


Want more information on what we do? Contact us or stop by any time. Also make sure to check out Active Release Techniques (ART) which provides greater range of motion and decreasing pain within the neck, mid-back, and lower back.

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