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Ormond Beach Chiropractor Testimonial

In July of 2019, I developed pain in my shoulder. First thought was a sore muscle and went to a massage therapist. Pain continued and I went to a General Practitioner Dr. and received muscle relaxers. Pain continued, worsened and started to hurt in my arm. I went to an Orthopedic Dr where I received Xray, steroid pills, anti-inflammation medicine, Physical Therapy, and MRI. The diagnosis was the nerves in the arm were being pinched somehow. No direct cause was found in the MRI. Next step was to see a neurologist to get a NCS and EMG tests, then to a second opinion neurologist. Neither one could determine what was the cause or a treatment. The pain was debilitating, acute, and worsening. I was having trouble sleeping, working, and driving.

In the end of September, I then went to you for treatment. You used the Active Release Technique (ART) treatment coupled with the chiropractic adjustments. Within 4 treatments (2 weeks) I was MUCH better and now only have occasional numbness in my arm. Each treatment made a significant and noticeable improvement. I have no more shoulder or arm pain. I plan to continue our treatments and recommend anyone else with similar situation to try your procedure.

W m Musso Bill Musso Ormond Beach, Fl

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