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Personal Injury Chiropractor - Ormond Beach FL

Personal Injury Chiropractic Testimonial in Ormond Beach Florida.

A year and a half ago I broke my jaw and the pain could be excruciating at times. Physical therapy and ultrasound treatments offered no relief. Ice, heat, and painkillers were about the only thing I could do for pain – and still it was very short-term.

I found Dr. Tepper a year after I broke my jaw. He stretched tight muscles and worked out the popping in my joints. He talked me through every step and showed me the trouble spots. I didn’t have pain when I left his office after the first appointment. No pain at all! After the very first visit! I saw Dr. Tepper weekly and length of time I went pain-free quickly went from a few days, to a few weeks, to a few months.

You don’t know how debilitating pain can be until you’ve injured a part your body you couldn’t live without. Dr. Tepper eliminated my pain and changed my life.


If you want more information on what we do? Contact us or stop by any time. Also make sure to check out our Personal Injury Chiropractic page which discusses how we help in preventing long-term injury.

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