October 23, 2019

I once felt that my situation was hopeless until I met Dr. Tepper and discovered that I was wrong.  Being wrong has never made me so happy!  I highly recommend Dr. Tepper and his delightful staff.  Visiting this office is a pleasure, so if you haven’t had results elsew...

October 14, 2019

In July of 2019, I developed pain in my shoulder. First thought was a sore muscle and went to a massage therapist. Pain continued and I went to a General Practitioner Dr. and received muscle relaxers. Pain continued, worsened and started to hurt in my arm. I went to an...

September 17, 2018

Decompression Therapy

Back pain is everywhere and it continues to disrupt our daily routines. Weakening back muscles, poor posture, and nerve damage have become the norm in the workplace. So, let’s discuss a very common chiropractic treatment for finding quick and effec...

May 7, 2018

Did approximately 30 ART sessions with Dr Tepper covering several months. I highly recommend this office and Dr. Tepper...I had somewhat an unusual case and Dr Tepper was always happy to go the extra mile to try new things with me. Office staff is very friendly and I w...

April 23, 2018

Dr. Tepper is simply the best!

I have been plagued with bad scoliosis and a disc problem from an accident. I started seeing Dr. Tepper and I have never felt better. He uses different aggressive techniques and they work in one session: The results I get from one visit it...

April 4, 2018

Chiropractic Testimonial:

When I first came to Dr. Tepper, it was because of an auto accident and the pain caused by the jarring effect and air bag. He treated my neck, lower back, upper back, my knee and hip. I refer to the doctor as "magic fingers," because with the p...

January 25, 2018

Chiropractic Testimonial:

I was always told my entire adult life that chiropractors were not doctors. That they were not going to do anything to help you.

Let me tell you how wrong they were! Dr. Tepper from my very first visit has reduced or eliminated my pain. I pract...

July 11, 2017

Active Release Technique Testimonial & Information

The A.R.T. Method Dr. Tepper is using on my shoulder, which was injured 15 years ago, has made a significant difference in my range of motion and pain. For the first time in years I can raise my arm without going throug...

June 16, 2017

Personal Injury Chiropractic Testimonial in Ormond Beach Florida. 

A year and a half ago I broke my jaw and the pain could be excruciating at times. Physical therapy and ultrasound treatments offered no relief. Ice, heat, and painkillers were about the only thing I...

May 22, 2017

Currently have full range of motion after using Dr. Tepper's Active release techniques at First Choice Chiropractic.

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