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Ormond Beach Chiropractor

I have only glowing remarks to make about Dr. Tepper and his staff.

First, the staff is always friendly, helpful, and efficient. They are top-notch next, Dr. Tepper is an amazing chiropractor and specializes in an extremely effective technique called Active Release Technique (A.RT). I have seen the doctor for several different physical problems. He is always successful in knowing even eliminating pain as well as increasing mobility and range of motion.

For example, I was experiencing pain in my thigh which become increasingly worse, making it difficult to walk, bend or do simple activities. I had been treated by a physical therapist for about two and a half months with little relief.

Dr. Tepper diagnosed the problem correctly which no one else had been able to do.

Other 5-6 sessions, I was able to walk 2+ miles and continue my daily exercise routine. I also have chronic neck and back pain. Again, within a few sessions I felt 90% better, currently the doctor is treating both shoulders due to arthritis and other issues. It has only been 3 sessions and my range of motion has increased and pain has decreased.

I highly recommend Dr. Tepper, He always takes as much time as I need to answer questions, listen to my concerns, and fix the problem areas.


* Often, he has been able to improve what no one else has, I am so grateful to have found Dr. Tepper and his team and will continue treatment with him when problems arise


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