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Best Daytona Chiropractor

I had a sore lower right back for months and went to Brad Tepper, who adjusted my back over 3 visits and it is feeling much better. While there, he told me about his A.R.T. Certification, and I asked him if it could help my shoulder, with a badly damaged rotator cuff (the surgeon told me it was too far gone to help with surgery). He said he thought he could help me. I signed up for 3 visits.

Immediately, after the first treatment I could raise my arm higher, with less pain, than I have been able to do in years. The improvement continued throughout the 3 visits.I am a snow-bird, but will be back in Ormond this fall and plan to continue the A.R.T. treatments with Dr. Tepper. He is pleasant, easy to get along with, and extremely competent in his field.



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