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Rotator Cuff Chiropractic Recovery

Did you ever feel that you really made the correct decision?

Well, I feel that choosing Dr. Brad Tepper was the best decision for my torn (1 cm) rotator cuff. I did this while pushing a heavier weight than normal at the gym.

Basically, I found Dr. Tepper in the local phone book and called his office. He personally answered the phone and I wanted to treat my tear with ART (Active Release Technique).

When I first came in I could only bring my arm up about 20 inches from my waist. I’ve been working with Dr. Tepper for SIX WEEKS and currently have full range of motion. It’s not completely healed but I’m well on my way to a more healthy result.

I am very impressed by Dr. Tepper’s knowledge and work ethics on the form of ART = I could recommend him highly. For me, I didn’t want to go the surgery route and chose ART and Dr. Tepper.

-Bob, Palm Coast, FL

If you want more information on what we do? Contact us or stop by any time. Also make sure to check out our Personal Injury Chiropractic page which discusses how we help in preventing long-term injury.


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